DJ Element Productions was one of the best investments we made for our reception!  They had everything down to a science from our first meeting up to the day of the reception.  With so many years of experience under their belt, we didn’t have to worry about the entertainment.

Since we are a same-sex couple, our concern was that we wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and have a good time.  Our reception was a first for everyone, not that it was any different from any other reception.  We expressed our concern to them and they handled it professionally.  When it was time for the money dance, instead of playing a typical, slow-dance, they made sure it was upbeat, so everyone would be able to participate and not feel awkward.  We kept in constant communication throughout the planning process to make sure everything was flawless when the big day arrived.  they had a detailed ”Wedding Reception Menu” that helped us organize the evening from the timing of the introduction, speeches, when and which songs needed to be played up to the the songs we didn’t want played.  One of our goals was for the guests to have a great time especially on the dance floor.  We turned a private room of a restaurant into the dance area and once the music started, it essentially turned into a club.  At one point, there wasn’t any room on the dance floor that we were flowing into the bar area.  Lem definitely delivered and kept people on the dance floor the moment the dancing started til the end of the night.  Although our reception was in 2009, our friends and family still rave about the music and how much fun they had.

Thank you, DJ Element, for making our reception a memorable success!

We would highly recommend DJ ELEMENT PRODUCTIONS for anyone’s next event.

- Stefanie & Ethel Buangan (September 2009)


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