“Finding a DJ for our wedding was strangely difficult. I came from a background of loving music and being exposed to some of the best club DJ’s…including my own brother Albert (aka DJ Mr. Lao). However, when it came time to pick a DJ, I knew it couldn’t be my brother. As much as I love his sets and was confident that he knew how to work a crowd, I just wanted Albert to enjoy a party for once. So my search continued. Who could I trust with such an important event? Someone who was organized enough to be the emcee and move the party along, but at the same time, someone who knew how to read a crowd and play the right music at the right time.

My long-time friend from high school, Sheila (who happens to be Lem’s sister!) offered us his services and we decided to meet up. I took my brother with me to my first meeting with Lem. If anything, Albert would speak “DJ” and would know how to talk to Lem about what we wanted. Immediately, I was impressed by how punctual, organized and thorough Lem was. Throughout the entire planning process, Lem left no detail to chance and took the time to really get to know us, our preferences, the special requests from our families, and everything else in between. I knew that when the day came for the reception, it was going to be easy to place our trust in Lem.

The “party” (as it is now referred to) was a huge success – thanks in large part to the atmosphere that Lem helped create. His team went above and beyond the call of duty in ways I never expected and took care of details I didn’t even bother with. He worked well our wedding coordinator, the hotel and the person who produced our video slide show. Lem also found ways to personalize the day for us like our logo projected on the dance floor and having the lights coordinate with the room and our theme. The biggest surprise was the special feature he worked into our first dance. Lem interviewed me and Wes separately, capturing sound bytes of answers to particular questions. He then wove these into the first dance song. It was such a surprise for both of us and made that moment even more special. The rest of the evening involved fun and non-stop dancing. To this day, people are still commenting on much dancing they did and how much they enjoyed the music.

Wes and I never cried and laughed so much in one day. It was a very memorable and fun evening – and we thank Lem and DJ Element Productions for helping make that happen.”

- Wes & Adrienne Nakashima (April 9, 2011)


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