“We have known about DJ Element for several years now and have heard really great reviews on his parties. When my husband Martin and I decided to get married, we wanted a small intimate wedding with no frills. It was only going to be a beautiful ceremony followed by a nice reception with good food and our loved ones. But after much deliberation, we wanted our event to be memorable and most of all FUN for everyone! The first person we thought about to DJ our wedding was Lem Lachica. As someone who is extremely particular and a bit of an event snob, one would say it was a risk to only have one option. However, I knew that this one choice was the only one for us and we have no regrets!

For an intimate mid-day wedding of 40, DJ Element was able to get the whole group up and dancing. We really didn’t have a dance floor but the music was so good and lively that my guests designated a place to get their groove on. He got everyone from our 2 year old niece to our 80 year old dear friend on the dance floor. Everyone enjoyed and we have lots of memorable photos to remember our special day. We owe a lot of the smiles in our wedding photos to DJ Element! We can’t thank him enough for making our day amazing!”

-Michelle & Martin Mapoma (Bonoan) (January 21, 2012)

“We hired DJ Element Productions for my daughter’s 13th Surprise Birthday Party at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and we could not be more pleased with their services.  They rocked the house all night long, and the 60+ teenagers had an absolute blast.  It was exactly what we were hoping for from the uplighting to suit the Winter Wonderland theme to the music that kept the dance floor packed the entire night.  They were very professional and so easy to work with.  We received such wonderful feedback from both the kids and the adults who attended the party.  We highly recommend DJ Element Productions, especially if you’re looking to have a fun time!”

- Joe & Kim Barresi (December 22, 2011)


“Finding a DJ for our wedding was strangely difficult. I came from a background of loving music and being exposed to some of the best club DJ’s…including my own brother Albert (aka DJ Mr. Lao). However, when it came time to pick a DJ, I knew it couldn’t be my brother. As much as I love his sets and was confident that he knew how to work a crowd, I just wanted Albert to enjoy a party for once. So my search continued. Who could I trust with such an important event? Someone who was organized enough to be the emcee and move the party along, but at the same time, someone who knew how to read a crowd and play the right music at the right time.

My long-time friend from high school, Sheila (who happens to be Lem’s sister!) offered us his services and we decided to meet up. I took my brother with me to my first meeting with Lem. If anything, Albert would speak “DJ” and would know how to talk to Lem about what we wanted. Immediately, I was impressed by how punctual, organized and thorough Lem was. Throughout the entire planning process, Lem left no detail to chance and took the time to really get to know us, our preferences, the special requests from our families, and everything else in between. I knew that when the day came for the reception, it was going to be easy to place our trust in Lem.

The “party” (as it is now referred to) was a huge success – thanks in large part to the atmosphere that Lem helped create. His team went above and beyond the call of duty in ways I never expected and took care of details I didn’t even bother with. He worked well our wedding coordinator, the hotel and the person who produced our video slide show. Lem also found ways to personalize the day for us like our logo projected on the dance floor and having the lights coordinate with the room and our theme. The biggest surprise was the special feature he worked into our first dance. Lem interviewed me and Wes separately, capturing sound bytes of answers to particular questions. He then wove these into the first dance song. It was such a surprise for both of us and made that moment even more special. The rest of the evening involved fun and non-stop dancing. To this day, people are still commenting on much dancing they did and how much they enjoyed the music.

Wes and I never cried and laughed so much in one day. It was a very memorable and fun evening – and we thank Lem and DJ Element Productions for helping make that happen.”

- Wes & Adrienne Nakashima (April 9, 2011)

“Lem DJ’ed the event I chaired: a fundraiser to benefit scholarship funds for kids to attend our preschool in Santa Monica (The First School). I wasn’t too specific with song choices, I just let Lem know the theme and gave him the freedom to do with it what he chose. I’m so glad because he seemed to know exactly what kind of music to play to fit the mood and theme of the occasion. He really tapped in well to the clientele and the formality without missing any of the fun, too! He handled the announcing jobs of the evening flawlessly and from beginning to end was professional, looked elegant and helped make the event flow perfectly from beginning to end. I would use him again in a second!”

Lilli Lee, Event  Chair (FSFAT)

Annual Fundraiser @ Beverly Hills Country Club (March 5, 2011)



“Thanks for being the DJ at my birthday party. Everyone had a great time!!”

- Laurie Nakano (January 29, 2011)


“We have known about DJ Element for years so when we were planning our wedding, we knew we’d love to have him be a part of our wedding. Since DJ Element knew both of us, we thought it would be nice to have him MC our wedding because he was family to us. He was the exact person we knew that could get the guest hyped up and would keep them entertained all night long! And he sure did deliver!! It was such a pleasure to have someone who knew how to read the crowd and got them excited for the Grand Entrance. Even though we were standing outside the reception area while our wedding party was being introduced by DJ Element, we were able to watch what was happening on the TV screens outside. We were so excited to make our entrance knowing that DJ Element was prepping our guests and we could hear all the excitement going on inside. He was definitely a crowd pleaser!! Throughout our wedding night, DJ Element kept our guests entertained and there was never a dull moment. He kept our guests in the loop on the events that were occurring so they weren’t wondering what was going to happen next. He was quite entertaining to say the least. We were so happy that we could have DJ Element as part of our special day and he made our wedding even more enjoyable!”

- Greg and Nancy Nakano (November 20, 2010)

“When we were planning our wedding, the most important thing to us was throwing a good party. DJ Element took the time to meet with us and our wedding coordinator prior to our event to ensure that the timeline of events and the music selection kept the party going. We put complete trust in him to play music that would appeal to all of our guests. We received so much feedback from our guests about how much fun they had and how the DJ kept the dancefloor full all night! It was perfect! DJ Element also provided music for our ceremony, which was outdoors. He offered creative suggestions on how to make our ceremony music unique. The ceremony music was a perfect prelude to the reception – romantic, modern, yet classy. We can’t wait to celebrate another event so that DJ Element can spin for us again!”
- Dustin & Char Meyer (October 10, 2010)

“Working with DJ Element was the perfect choice for our wedding. After our initial meeting with him, we knew he would deliver an amazing DJ experience that would appeal to all our guests while bringing in music that was special to us. With his previous experience in reading the crowds and helping make weddings flow smoothly, DJ Element made our wedding a seamless success! We highly recommend DJ Element for any type of event.”

- Ricky and Evelyn Razo (August 14, 2010)

“Thank you DJ Element for DJing our wedding on September 19, 2009! DJ Element is very thorough.  He visited the site prior to the event so he knew what to do in advance.  On the day of the event, DJ Element and his team found a solid place to setup outdoor, helped our special guest performer tie into the PA system, and worked flawlessly with our surprise Master of Ceremonies (Thank you Mr. Ryan).  He also handled the timeline perfectly.  Honestly, I have no clue on what a DJ needs to play at a wedding.  DJ Element knew how to work the crowd and keep them on the dance floor the whole night.  When the facility agreed to extend the hours of the reception, he kept playing music until the last person walked off the dance floor.  Thank you DJ Element.”

- Mark and Jenn Dy, (September 19, 2009)

When Sally and I first started planning our wedding we just thought a DJ was a DJ. We had no clue about how to book a DJ or where to find a good one.  But after talking to some friends they recommended we contact Lem with DJ Element Productions.

When we first sat down with Lem, he had all the plans and details laid out. We sat there and looked at all the information and details that go into planning a wedding and  boy was that an eye opener!  If we didn’t have all that information we would have had a terrible and unorganized wedding. Lem basically had a game plan from the beginning to end.  He had every detail from when to start the song, how long it should be played, and when to end it.  We can honestly say that we used his game plan and playlist to keep us on track.

Lem did such an awesome job people were asking us where we found him.  They were all asking for his information so when their big day will come they can use him.  I always said that a wedding reception should be a party.  And boy was it one!  We had people dancing the whole night and actually had to kick people out! To this day people still talk about the wedding on how much fun they had drinking and dancing.  Most of the people we saw the day after were so sore from being on the dance floor all night.  Lem did such a good job with the music and encouraging people to dance that we had a hard time finding any space on the dance floor.

I can honestly say that if you are looking for a well organized DJ, Lem is the one to pick.  He is organized, plays good music, and keeps the party going.

- Jeremy & Sally Okawa (November 15, 2008)

“Dancing was a very important part of our wedding, so we needed to make sure we had a DJ who would understand that. Lem and his crew were amazing and our dance floor was literally packed the entire night. In addition to keeping our guests on the dance floor, Lem did a great job making the evening flow smoothly. He was able to inform the guests of what was coming next without stealing the spotlight. My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding and Lem was part of that perfection!”

- Gil and Nissa Moreno, (August 23, 2008)

“Our first experience with DJ Element was at a friend’s wedding.  My girlfriend at the time was very impressed with the music as it created a vibrant party for all the guests.  Fast forward a year and a half later and it was our turn to plan a wedding.  I called up my friend to get the info on DJ Element.  After a couple of meetings, our wedding was all planned out.  Everything was very professional and Lem worked with us to help us put together the perfect music that kept the party going all nite long.  Thank you Lem for a wonderful job.”

-Steve & Susan Ching (May 10, 2008)


DJ Element Productions was great to work with.  I’m a planner by nature, so I enjoyed planning our wedding.  I wanted to make sure I hired good vendors that I could trust.  So I did my research beforehand, and DJ Element came highly recommended by a close friend (Thanks, Judy).  I knew we needed someone who was organized, capable and personable.  After all, shouldn’t the DJ at your wedding be someone people like?  I didn’t want to hire anyone who came off as being too “cheesy” or who couldn’t read the crowd in terms of what music to play.  Music can make or break the fun, celebratory atmosphere of a wedding.  We didn’t have to worry about that at all with Lem.  He had a questionnaire we completed prior to our first meeting, and then we went over everything in person.  We also emailed him a list of some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) songs, which he gladly accommodated.  He was on time and organized, so we didn’t have to worry about anything the day of the wedding.  What a relief! =)

Our family members and friends came up to us and told us what a great time they had dancing at our wedding.  Our wedding photographer also got some great pictures of the dancing.  It looked like everyone had a blast!  Thank you, Lem, for your help in making our wedding day such a success!  We would highly recommend your services to anyone. =)

- Esther and Irv Danupatampa (March 29, 2008)


“When it was time to decide on a DJ for our wedding reception, we knew we wanted one that not only played good music but also could adapt to the venue and vibe of our reception and guests.  We were referred to DJ Element through a mutual friend and knew from the moment we talked to DJ Element that he was perfect for our wedding reception.  The preparation process didn’t take long — we basically gave him an outline of what we wanted and trusted him to do the rest.  On the day of our wedding, we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  Not only did he fulfill all our requests, but he kept our guests engaged and excited to be there.  Thank you, DJ Element, for helping to make our wedding day so incredibly special and a huge success!  We definitely recommend DJ Element for anyone needing a high-quality, highly-professional DJ.”

- Freddie and Alicia Mendoza (September 8, 2007)

“We hired DJ Element for our class reunion and they did a wonderful job as MC and also playing the right mix of music for our party.  Thank you for a job well done!”

- Geredith Gonzalez, BMHS class reunion committee (August 18, 2007)


“We went to a wedding where we saw how DJ Element played the crowd.  We knew right away that he would be the one to have for our wedding.  He kept the wedding reception upbeat, and he treated everyone like they were his family.  He kept everyone on the dance floor all night long with his great mix of music.  He catered his music choices to both the young group and the older ones.  We even had to do a last call on the dance floor more than once because people just would not get off of the dance floor.  Another thing that DJ Element was great with was how easy he was to work with.  He professionally emceed our reception and kept things moving to the point that we did not have to worry about a thing.  We couldn’t have a better experience with anyone else.”

- Jason and Janice Venecio (June 9, 2007)


“When we were looking for a DJ for our wedding, we had a friend that wanted to DJ for us, but he already had something booked.  Our friend told us not to worry and recommended Lem to us.  We were nervous to be trusting our wedding to someone we didn’t know, but after meeting Lem, our fears were quickly gone.  We had a great sitdown over coffee to discuss what we wanted and didn’t want for our wedding.  He made some great suggestions and helped us create a step by step gameplan for the reception.  His experience at what works best at weddings helped us come up with our own idea of how things should go.  At the event, he was awesome!  He kept everyone entertained while making sure that there was never a lull in the action.  Things went absolutely perfect and we were so happy that Lem was able to make our big day special.  I would recommend Lem in a heartbeat to any of my friends that were in need of a DJ.  Thanks for the great memories!”
- Casey & GinGi Lynch (2007)

“When we knew we were going to get married, we knew the perfect DJ and it was DJ Element. His style & technique was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone at our wedding had a great time line dancing and he helped make the night to remember.  Thank you DJ Element!”

- Joni & April Chu (May 27, 2006)

“We are a small grass roots nonprofit organization with a tight budget. DJ Element Productions worked with us to find the right solution that fit into our financial plan. Their staff and management walked us through every step of the process to ensure that we had a successful fundraising banquet. They assisted with suggestions on how to set up the room, logistics of the actual event, developed the evening’s program and of coarse emceed the entire show flawlessly, professionally, with great attention to detail. I highly recommend DJ Element Productions to all my friends, family, co-workers, and business contacts that organize anything from birthday parties, weddings to special events and fundraisers. They are a pleasure to work with and have a genuine heart for the nonprofit community.”

- Ben Fesagaiga

Parent, Founder & CEO

Train 4 Autism, Inc.



“We had tried a few DJ’s for our organization’s yearly dance, but we were never completely satisfied until hiring DJ Element. Element is a consummate professional, always adaptable to whatever the event may bring. His deep knowledge of music ensures he plays the appropriate songs at just the right moments. Most of all, DJ Element makes sure our dance floor is filled and that everybody is having fun. All of our attendees were very, very happy!”

- Gloria Echave Baumgartner


Sisonian Organization – Los Angeles Chapter



  1. Sheila says:

    I attended the Nakano wedding and we had a great time! DJ Element really knows how to keep the party fun!

  2. DJ Element is one of the best DJ’s I have ever worked with. He is very professional and he most def knows how to rock a crowd. I hired DJ Element for my Birthday Bash September 4th, 2010 and also in January 2011 for Dayvid Thomas, an up and coming R&B singer. He rocked both shows and kept the crowd moving with his unique blend of music. If your looking for a DJ who can do it all with a custom light show, a custom slide show, and mixing a wide range of music, then DJ Element is your guy. DJ Element is the business!

  3. Raul says:

    I’ve worked with DJ Element on a number of a weddings and in addition to the great services he provides to his clients, he also makes sure that he coordinates with the other wedding vendors that are working there throughout the day. His coordination and planning made my job of capturing images of the weddings we’ve worked together go smoothly. It’s always a pleasure to work weddings with DJ Element in the house!

    • Lem Lachica says:

      It’s always a pleasure to work with 425 Studio. Their staff and production team are always on-point to capture that special moment on their video cameras. If you need a wedding videographer, check them out at


      Ask for Joni and tell them DJ Element Productions referred you.

  4. Lilli Lee says:

    Lem dj’ed the event I chaired: a fundraiser to benefit scholarship funds for kids to attend our preschool in Santa Monica (The First School). I wasn’t too specific with song choices, I just let Lem know the theme and gave him the freedom to do with it what he chose. I’m so glad because he seemed to know exactly what kind of music to play to fit the mood and theme of the occasion. He really tapped in well to the clientelle and the formality without missing any of the fun, too! He handled the announcing jobs of the evening flawlessly and from beginning to end was professional, looked elegant and helped make the event flow perfectly from beginning to end. I would use him again in a second!

  5. Honeygirl and Tony Sila says:

    We’ve been long time followers of DJ Element so we know he knows how to pump up a crowd. Whether it be at a wedding or a “back yard boogie”. But no matter where it is you get it going. Thanks for doing my husbands 30th birthday party. You rock..

  6. McMaster Carr says:

    We attended the Mcmaster Christmas party 2012. You had us dancing on the floor and laughing in the photo booth all night. That was the best Christmas Party we’ve been to thus far. We hope to see you again next year. Keep up the great work

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